At AutomationDirect, we pride ourselves on going the extra step to please our customers even if the consensus in the marketplace is that it can’t be done. Upfront pricing and real-time stock availability, free PLC programming software, and free technical support for any product we sell are just a few examples of when we said “Yes” while others said “No”. As you may or may not know, we also take your feedback very seriously. Whether through customer reviews, posts on our forum or survey responses, the input we receive is often used to drive our product improvements and is a deciding factor when bringing on new products and services. Recently, we conducted a survey and found that many of you are in need of PLC training, and not just the 30 days of training we currently offer, but unlimited training. When asked what we could do better, a few of the responses we received were:

  • “Free online training (without logging or restriction)”
  • “Having access to the training website for only 30 days is not good for my company. One may program the plc today and another will need the update it in three months. Permanent access to the online training without fee would be a great improvement.”
  • “More free training”

Well, we’ve heard you and we are now offering free unlimited online PLC training to go along with our extensive library of eBooks, whitepapers, how-to videos and more. We have also expanded this training offering to include non-customers as well. The more the merrier, right? And while some would never offer this type of training to both customers and non-customers free of charge, we are once again saying “Yes!”

For those of you who are unsure if you need this or any PLC training, this content collection takes a closer look at some commonly discussed PLC topics, different reasons training can be beneficial and several avenues for training which may help you decide.

free online plc training

Absolutely FREE PLC Training from AutomationDirectfree online plc training

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why engineers need plc trainingWhy Engineers Need PLC Training

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