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Don’t Be Another Statistic—Protect Your Machinery and Personnel

In 2022, OSHA reported 5,486 fatal industrial accidents. Many more accidents resulted in injuries or lost work productivity. These accidents may have been avoidable. Proper training and machine safeguarding could’ve prevented many of these accidents, reducing injuries, downtime, and deaths. Industrial safety starts with training. In addition to training, proper machine protection is another layer of protection. Safety audits can be performed on all machinery by employing or contracting a qualified machine safety expert. From there, appropriate components can be selected and installed.

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SSP Safety Switches from AutomationDirect

Watch this YouTube short to learn more about SSP Safety Switches available at AutomationDirect! Watch Now –>

Common Overlooked Safety Violations

Check out our article for examples of safety violations or unsafe scenarios you might encounter and overlook how hazardous they are. Read Now –>

Safety Products Available at AutomationDirect

Certified machine safety components offer reliability and high performance for equipment and personnel protection needs, including safety switches, safety light curtains, safety mats and edges, and safety relays. Check out what’s available here –>

IDEM Z-series Safety Switches from AutomationDirect

Watch this YouTube short to learn more about IDEM Z-series Safety Switches available at AutomationDirect! Watch Now–>

Keep Industrial Electrical Safety First

For industrial machinery and systems, designers must apply the right products for physical, electrical power, and automation safety. Read More Now –>

Weg IEC Safety Contactors – Monday Minute at AutomationDirect

AutomationDirect carries a full line of these 3 pole 600 volt rated contactors with amp ratings ranging from 9 to 80 amps, all with coil voltage options of 24 or 120 volts AC or 24 volts DC. Watch Now–>

Safe Automation Design through a Layered Approach

Responsible industrial automation safety design requires a combination of the right products, design practices, and operational training. Even if personnel are not directly involved with safety design, they will benefit by having a good understanding of the concepts involved. Read More Now–>

What is a Safety Laser Scanner?

There are many safety devices available to ensure machine safety and to detect personnel entering unsafe areas. Cable pull switches, safety light curtains and interlock switches (non-contact and the many types of tongue interlock switches) are just a few of them. Most of you have probably heard of, or used, these devices in some capacity, but one of the newer safety devices on the scene, that you may be unfamiliar with, is the safety laser scanner. Read More –>

Cable-Pull Safety Switches

We all know the importance of having emergency stop devices near and around machinery. There are numerous regulations (ANIS, ISO, IEC) that define emergency stop device requirements. In short they all state that they are actuated by a “single human action”, should be used to de-energize equipment to a safe state, and require a manual reset before equipment can be restarted. Read More –>