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Equipment Safety | Protect More Than Just Your Equipment with AutomationDirect

No matter what industry you’re in, there is always electrical/electronic enclosures and cabinets along with the machinery and other ancillary equipment that independently or together contribute to complete a process efficiently. Some of this equipment is designed to run automatically controlled by a PLC and other automation equipment depending on existing conditions in a production line or process. Other equipment requires occasional and sometimes constant intervention from a human operator. Equipment failure or malfunction protection is very important to prevent harm to operators, reduce costs to replace damaged equipment/devices, and prevent losses from production delay costs.

Investing in the right safety equipment and devices will more than pay for itself by protecting personnel, prolonging equipment life, and reducing costly down-time. These big savings are even more noticeable when you find the right equipment at the best price while also saving in other costs like technical support, shipping costs, fast delivery, warranties and more. This is why AutomationDirect works so hard to provide the best prices in the industry for the best quality products, along with award-winning FREE technical support, a vast library of training videos and documentation, the best customer service in the industry, FREE and FAST 2-day shipping for orders $49 and over, and 30-day money-back guarantee on practically every product we sell. Go ahead, we invite you to check out our videos, blogs, documentation and more for our enclosures, pilot devices, safety switches, circuit and surge protection devices, and so many more products that help you protect your equipment and personnel.

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What Type of Circuit Protection Do I Need?

Circuit Protection is a big topic. With so many types of products available, coupled with the fact that I think I am getting old, I have found that it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep it all straight. If you share in this frustration, no worries because conveniently located in this blog is a chart that I think might just help you out. Read more →


AC Motor On/Off Controls | Automation Notes

Most control systems have to make things move, and that usually involves motors. Lifting, pumping, robotics, conveyors, fans – pretty much everything uses a motor of some kind. General purpose one- or three-phase AC motors are great for simple on/off systems; Inverter-duty motors are specifically designed for operation with variable frequency drives, or VFDs. Read more →


Industrial Surge Protection: Why Use Mersen Surge Protection Devices?

In this Slideshare you will gain a better understanding of what a power surge is, what may cause a power surge, and why using Mersen surge protection devices to protect your equipment is an easy and cost-effective solution that will save you money and downtime. Read more →


What to Know When Selecting an Enclosure

A enclosures house all kinds of electrical components from simple terminal blocks, to industrial automation systems, to high voltage switchgear. In industrial automation systems, NEMA enclosures often house motor controls, drives, PLC/PC control systems, pushbuttons, and termination systems. Some enclosures are shaped to be operator consoles. Read more →


Enclosure Thermal Management: Product Types and Selection Overview

Industrial facilities use many electrical enclosures to house automation and electrical components. Several of these enclosures require cooling and/or heating to control the climate within the enclosure to prevent condensation or component overheating. In this SlideShare, you will learn about the different types of climate control, reasons for use, and how to select and size the right enclosure thermal management solution for your specific needs. Read more →


Making Enclosure Cutouts

Making enclosure cutouts…there’s an app for that? Before we answer this question, let’s talk about how we normally make a cutout on a carbon steel enclosure. Many of us have been there; we begin with making a drawing, schematic or diagram of how the system is going to work and the components that will be needed. As part of the system, we decide to use an enclosure to house controls, wiring and other electrical or electronic components safely and securely. Read more →


What is IP69K?

In this SlideShare, you will learn exactly what the IP69K rating stands for, why it’s advantageous to use these devices for specific areas of an industrial facility and how to ensure the entire device is IP69K rated. Read more →


A Ferrule is a Ferrule is a Ferrule

What is a Ferrule? I ask myself this question thinking specifically of the small metal tube with a colored insulated plastic end where you can insert wire strands and crimp the tube securely to the wire. To answer this question, I decided to do an internet search to see what I could find describing a ferrule. However, I quickly realized that there is a wide variety of components known as ferrules that are very different from each other and provide many different purposes. Read more →


Emergency Stop Control Stations: One Push Can Save Your Life

Let’s take a minute to think about how far we have advanced with innovation and technology. It is truly amazing when you look at the devices and products we develop these days. From a simple small piece of wood with a spring-loaded thin u-shaped metal rod and an extremely simple trigger mechanism designed to reduce the rodent population, to extremely complex electronic devices we just can’t even imagine living without in today’s world. Read more →


Every Motor Deserves a Quality Liquid-Tight Conduit

You get a call from the production floor because a machine is not running right. You go check it and find out that the motor is acting up, has corrosion damage inside the junction box, which is probably also contributing to the imminent death of the motor. Now you need to replace it but don’t have a spare. Same problem can happen with a pump. Or maybe you are being asked to install a new system that requires a new motor or pump. Read more →


Patlite Stack Lights: Stacked Above the Rest

I remember years ago walking into a production facility and being intrigued by the processes taking place in each section of the production line. It was so interesting to see how things were shaped, packed, filled and more. Every step or section of the production line had a specific purpose that needed to be completed before the next step, until the end product was finished, tested and packaged. Read more →