Newsletter: Volume 19 – Issue 6

Hope you are enjoying your summer. In this month’s issue we have some great articles focusing on Ethernet. You can download the free whitepaper on industrial Ethernet, and there is another article on putting Ethernet into your operation. There is also an informative article on how to protect you PLCs against the treat of hackers. Check out how AutomationDirect is growing and view the new warehouse expansions. You will also want to view the video of the month from the president of HOST Engineering, which gives you an insider’s look into why the BRX PLCs were needed, what makes them special, and how the design came about. Hope you enjoy!

How Secure is Your PLC

In the Hacker Age, how secure is your PLC?

Let’s face it, we are living in the age of the hacker and in the cat-and-mouse game of cyber warfare, hackers have racked up some pretty impressive scores. From the most recent WannaCry attack, to exposing Ashley Madison, to reportedly “stealing an election”, hackers have been busy exploiting vulnerabilities and gaining massive notoriety. Read more on PLC security

Whitepaper on Industrial Ethernet

Knowing when to choose an managed Ethernet switch instead of an unmanaged Ethernet switch for your industrial grade networking solution might not be obvious. In this white paper, product manager Jonathan Griffith explores the reasons and applications where an industrial managed Ethernet switch should be used and when an industrial unmanaged Ethernet switch is sufficient. Get the free whitepaper on Industrial Ethernet

Supplier Profile- Roxburgh EMC

After many decades in the business, Roxburgh has developed significant knowledge and understanding of the specific requirements and regulations within a wide variety of manufacturing industries. Specifically, Roxburgh works in the HVAC, industrial, machine tool, IT, lighting, medical, military, renewable, transportation, and security industries. Learn more about Roxburgh EMC

Now Available 

Wide Area Sensors

starting at 
Adjustable Industrial Temperature Switches
starting at $89.00
C-more Micro with Built-in Ethernet

starting at 
Enhanced DirectLOGIC DL405 PLC
starting at $859.00 
IronHorse Shaft Mount Gearboxes
starting at $616.00 
Precision Limit Switches
starting at $39.50 

Putting Ethernet Into Operation

Industrial Ethernet is widely used in manufacturing and other applications to connect devices including advanced controllers, PLCs, I/O and servo devices—using a wide variety of configurations and hardware. Industrial Ethernet is also used for connecting upper level enterprise, manufacturing, quality and historian applications to HMIs and cell controllers. All of these connections are implemented through physical networks and configurations defined by protocols. Read the entire article here

They Told Us Our Business Model Would Never Work…Look at Us Grow

When AutomationDirect began, we were told our business plan wouldn’t work. Instead of creating just another industrial control supplier, we proudly said, “We WON’T do things like that anymore.” And, with thousands of products, and award-winning technical support, we have no intention of stopping anytime soon. AutomationDirect’s Warehouse Expansions

BRX PLCs – Designed to Do-more!

The newest Do-more! PLC platform, the BRX PLC, manufactured by Host Engineering is truly an under-budget overachiever. Host Engineering is one of AutomationDirect’s long-time PLC suppliers and a development partner for the Do-more! In this video, you are given an insider’s look at why BRX PLCs were needed, what makes them so special, and how the design came about from the president of Host Engineering, Bob Oglesby.  Watch the video


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