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Newsletter: Volume 20, Issue 8

Labor Day weekend is upon us and that means plenty of time for last minute cookouts, ringing in football season and of course catching up on your industrial automation reading! We’ve got plenty of goodies for you to enjoy this month. If you’ve been following along with our Machine Visibility campaign you’ll see our next installments below including Getting the Answers You Need from Your Machines and how cellular remote access can give you a competitive edge plus a few more! We’ve also expanded our cut-to-length cable offers as well as added new Socomec power meters and manual transfer switches. If you would like to receive this email in your inbox, click here. Happy Labor Day!


Newsletter Volume 20 Issue 8

Ethernet is everywhere and industrial Ethernet, which is Ethernet reinforced with rugged connectors, cables and better determinism, has facilitated many of the recent advances in the industrial realm. In today’s connected world, Ethernet is a must. Read the entire article

Get a Competitive Edge with
Cellular Remote Access

The automation world, with its distant and often isolated sites, has long sought reliable remote access to cut costs and improve reliability. Instead of sending technicians to distant locations, operators can now access critical information and control systems quickly and easily. Read more

Now Available

Multifunction Socomec Power Meters

starting at $215.75

UL 1008 Rated Manual Transfer Switches

starting at $289.00

Continuous Flexing Cut-to-Length Motor Supply Cables

starting at $1.41 per foot

In “The Wizard of Oz,” Dorothy worried about lions, tigers, and bears as she began her journey. While those animals certainly can be frightening, in our automated world, safety concerns are different. Doors, gates, and machines can pose hazards to people and property if they don’t work properly. Read more about ASO

Maintaining the Proper Equilibrium Through Automation

The specialized knowledge of how to create and build the systems to accomplish the need to measure and maintain materials at safe levels and in balance has been the focus of Systems & Controls for nearly 20 years. Founded in 1999 with an extensive background in scales and controls, Systems & Controls has become a company focused on this industry.. Read the article


Fieldbus technology has been around for more than 30 years and has been a great replacement for point-to-point wiring in many cases. It’s widely used for connecting sensors, solenoids and other field devices to PLCs and other controllers. Ethernet is the most popular fieldbus option and it comes in many flavors. Read more on Ethernet


Jonathan Griffith, Product Manager, Industrial Communications & Power Supplies at AutomationDirect, wrote an article for Motion Control (NASA Tech Briefs) Feb 2018 discussing how it is becoming easier to connect to the IIoT using cloud-based remote access to monitor, program and maintain machine control systems. Read the entire article