Newsletter Volume 24 Issue 10

Industrializing an Arduino: Making a Single-Board Controller Fit for the Factory
Arduinos and similar devices can be highly versatile but are too delicate for industrial environments. So, the challenge for this project was to create an industrial type of application using an industrialized Arduino and associated components, to see what advantages they offer over conventional maker hardware. 
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Pneumatics Crossword Puzzle
Can you solve the Pneumatics crossword puzzle? Fill it out for a chance to win a NITRA TAP-1000. Contest is open from 9/29/22-10/14/22. Available for U.S. residents only. All submissions are eligible to win prize.
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Now Available

SSP Safety Enabling Switches
Starting at $219.00

More Stego Thermal Management Products
New pressure compensators start at $12.25

igus Linear Slide Actuators and XYZ Gantries
igus linear slide actuators start at $355.00

More Large Gauge MTW Cable Color Options
Direct Wire large gauge MTW cable starts at $1.04 per foot

Additional Fuji Command Series Pilot Devices
Starting at $12.00

ProSense VCST Series Vibration Sensors
Priced at $190.00

The CLICK PLUS PLC has added a great value to the CLICK PLC line. This video details some of the features and highlights that makes the CLICK PLUS and CLICK PLC similar and also what makes CLICK PLUS the new ?Best VALUE in PLCs”.
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Industrial Revolution Era Equipment Meets Modern Automation
AutomationDirect?s BRX PLC brings new world capabilities to old world machines.
David Adams founded Design Automated Controls (DAC) in Alabama to support clients with design/build capabilities and onsite service, and he has had great success using AutomationDirect PLCs and products.
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Supplier Profile Gefran: Pushing Beyond Technology
With over 50 years of success, Gefran strives to push beyond technology boundaries to thrive not only in the area of product advancement but also in customer satisfaction, human development, and sustainability. From the beginning, Gefran has differentiated itself from the competition by understanding and producing exactly what customers are looking for to solve their problems.
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FREE Giveaway for You
This month you have a chance to win a WERA toolkit advent calendar. There will be another chance to win an advent calendar in the November issue, so be on the lookout. Contest is open for approximately 1 week after the newsletter is sent and is open to residents of the U.S. only. Winner will be contacted via email. 
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