Product Pointers

Product Pointers February 2023

Featured Products

C-more touch panels
provide complete system visibility and utmost cost savings for your interface needs
Touchscreen models starting at $668 w/ FREE software

IronHorse jet pump and stainless steel motors
provide economical solutions for centrifugal jet pumps and harsh washdown applications
Jet pump motors start at $167

PS-AMC motion controller
is a great choice for coordinated motion that’s easy to use and reliable; use with select Productivity CPUs for synchronized, closed-loop motion control on up to four axes
starting at $331

SureServo2 servo systems
are fully digital and offer a rich set of features to cover a broad range of motion control applications in sizes from 110W to 15kW
Motors starting at $286

Inductive linear position transducers
accurately convert the linear displacement of an object into a proportional electrical signal output of 0-10V or 4-20mA
starting at $296

Schmersal two-hand control panels
are used with a two-hand monitoring relay and require an operator to use both hands at the same time when initiating a hazardous operation
Panels starting at $153

Captron Caneo series capacitive pushbuttons
cover a wide range of requirements, from industrial automation and robotics to building technology
starting at $59

Eaton powerline filters
react instantly to changes in voltage to protect sensitive equipment
starting at $247

AcuAMP current transformers
are an easy-to-install, compact, and cost-effective means of measuring AC current
starting at $26

Electric foot switches
in single and double foot operated styles
starting at $44.50

Encapsulated core buck-boost transformers
are used to power loads with specific voltage requirements that differ slightly from the available line voltage
starting at $118

Metrol precision limit switches
have repeatability down to 10, 5, 3, and even 0.5 microns; many different actuator types are available
starting at $46

Saginaw enclosures
are all-purpose enclosures available in a variety of materials and finishes; high visibility enclosures, sanitary enclosures, and accessories also available
starting at $47.50

Murrplastik cable entry systems
allow a pre-made or terminated cable to be installed through an enclosure or other bulkhead surface without disassembling the connector
Frames starting at $20.50

WERMA visual/audible signal devices
with light and sound variations and many mounting formats
starting at $17

Trumeter graphical panel meters
accurately measure and display voltage, current, frequency, temperature, or process data with analog meter-style visual readings
starting at $81

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