Product Pointers

Product Pointers September 2023

Featured Products

CLICK low-cost controllers
offer easy, streamlined PID control (up to 8 process loops executing every 100ms) and an extremely user-friendly PID interface
CPUs starting at $92

C-more touch panels
provide complete system visibility and utmost
cost savings for your interface needs
Touchscreen models starting at $340 w/
FREE software

Schmalz end-of-arm tooling components
for robot arm vacuum pick-and-place applications; can be purchased by the component or in kits that include everything needed to create an end-of-arm tool
Kits starting at $995

DURApulse GS10 series AC micro drives
include all of the features of the GS1, as well as many of the features offered on higher performance drives such as sensorless vector and PID
starting at $119

STELLAR SR35 soft starters
are fully digital, offered in three frame sizes to control 1- and 3-phase AC induction motors, and provide overload and SCR failure protection
starting at $464

SureGear precision inline strain wave gearboxes
provide high gear ratios and efficiency, low heat and noise generation, and zero backlash; available in ratios up to 200:1
starting at $1,051

Fuji AR22 series 22mm pilot devices
are rugged, economical, and include a wide assortment of operator and indicator styles
starting at $10

Fuji IEC motor controls
include contactors, starters and overloads
starting at $19

SureFrame T-slotted rails
are made from extruded aluminum and are available in the most popular profiles and dimensions; compatible with many other brands and cut to your specified lengths (in increments of 0.001 inches)
starting at $0.21/inch

LS Electric L7P servo systems
are an intermediate-level servo system that has all the features of our basic L7C series servos, but with a larger range of system sizes and the option for 460 VAC operation
Motors start at $273

SSP safety enabling switches
also known as “hold-to-run” or “dead man’s” switches provide the operator with a special control mode for tasks such as maintenance or debugging of hazardous equipment
starting at $219

High-torque synchronous drive belts
have a curvilinear tooth profile with a much larger pulley contact area for improved performance
starting at $3.50

Code barcode scanners
allow a 1-dimensional or 2-dimensional barcode, QR code, or other marking to be read, decoded, and converted to a usable format
starting at $144

PS-AMC motion controller
is a great choice for coordinated motion that’s easy to use and reliable; use with select Productivity CPUs for synchronized, closed-loop motion control on up to four axes
starting at $331

Wiegmann enclosures
now offered with removable bottom gland plates and KwikHinge door hinges for easy wiring and installation
Ultimate series w/ gland plate starting at $477

Patlite pre-assembled stack light units
are available in 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 70mm, and 100mm diameter sizes with audible options and high intensity LED illumination
starting at $73

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