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Automation in the Food & Beverage Industry

In a recent Food Engineering magazine survey, respondents chose automation as a top priority for the Food and Beverage industry. Automation is the number two concern according to the survey, but it holds the key to solving almost all of the major concerns listed. For example, the survey found that the number one concern for Food and Beverage processors is efficiency and the number five concern is worker availability. Automation has proven to be a solution for both issues as one respondent commented, “Due to increasing cost of labor and increasing difficulty to find enough people to hire, automation is becoming more important. Much of the automation is also resulting in higher efficiencies as well.”

AutomationDirect has products to meet the needs of many industries, including products with IP69K ratings and those specifically designed to meet the strict requirements and tough environments of the Food and Beverage industry. So, we decided to take a closer look at how our products can be used in this strictly regulated field. Included on this page are a series of articles, videos, and other resources that may help answer questions, provide useful information and maybe even offer a solution for your automation needs.


Food and Beverage Idea Book

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Systems & Controls Takes Time for Tea

Systems & Controls in Lenoir City, Tennessee, was contacted by a scale manufacturing company to develop a brewed tea and coffee container filling machine using four weight transmitters, a DirectLOGIC DL-205 PLC, a RHINO power supply,  a C-more touch panel and a GS2 variable frequency drive. Read More –>


Automating a Donut Packaging and Labeling Line

When people hear the name Mel-O-Cream, they usually think of donuts. Founded in 1932 as a retail shop in Springfield, Ill, Mel-O-Cream International (www.mel-o-cream.com) manufactures bakery products, primarily for wholesale distribution to supermarkets and bakeries. Read More –>


Advanced Automation, LLC Takes Baking To The Next Level

Advanced Automation, LLC, in Riverdale, New Jersey, is an automation systems manufacturing company specializing in creating solutions for companies in need of more efficient automated processes. Read More–>


Automation Helps Turn Homebrewer into Brewhouse

South Florida Distillers (www.southfloridadistillers.com) is the oldest distillery in the city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The company is now branching out into the design business by working with 26° Brewing (www.26brewing.com) to help them brew world-class craft beers. And AutomationDirect was there to help! Read More–>


What is IP69K?

IP69K is a product standard rating developed to ensure that products carrying this rating comply with required simulated environmental conditions. Read More –>


What Does A NEMA Rating Mean?

NEMA rating is one of those standards that is at times misunderstood or even ignored. However, it is an important specification that must be considered when buying a NEMA rated product to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment. Read More –>


Powerful PAC Upgrades Tortilla Machine

Advanced automation helps Casa Herrera produce tortillas reliably, quickly and precisely. Read More –>