Issue 35 – 2016

 This “Going Green”, online only issue of NOTEBOOK, is filled with information about our latest products and interesting technical articles focused on pneumatics. Our Automation Options article compares pneumatics with electromechanical products. We also have a great User Solution article which details how a packaging company used pneumatics to solve a difficult packaging problem. Our Tech Brief explains pneumatic symbols and our Student Spotlight turns toward the University of Connecticut. Be sure to check out our word search in the Break Room.

– TJ Johns Senior Editor

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In This Issue of The Automation Notebook…

  • Brainteasers — Issue 35, 2016

    Brainteasers — Issue 35, 2016

    Everyone loves the challenge of a word search. We’ve taken the concept to a new level. In this issue of Automation NOTEBOOK, we have hidden a myriad of photoelectric sensor terms in the puzzle below. You’ll find the terms in various directions (horizontally, vertically, diagonally and backward). Once you think you’ve found all of them, … Read More

  • Brainteasers Answers — Issue 35, 2016

    Brainteasers Answers — Issue 35, 2016

    Now that you’ve completed this photoelectric sensor terms word search, it’s time to check your work. Compare your answers with the solution below. Then tell your friends, family, coworkers, and your mother-in-law how well do did. If you’d like to give it another try, just click the link below.  

  • It’s a Wrap! Automated Taping Machine

    It’s a Wrap! Automated Taping Machine

    The capstone senior design project is the crowning achievement for seniors at the University of Connecticut School of Engineering.  In this two-semester course, senior students are mentored by faculty and industry engineers as they work to solve real-world engineering problems for their corporate sponsor. Students learn about the principles of design, how ethics affect engineering … Read More

  • Product Snapshots — Issue 35, 2016

    Product Snapshots — Issue 35, 2016

    This digital issue of Automation Notebook gives you snapshots of some of our latest products. You’ll find products from a variety of categories including, Pneumatics, PLCs, Tools, Sensors, Wire and Wiring Accessories. We’ve also added to our Process Control, Power, and Motion Control, Enclosures, and Fuse product categories. Precision Pneumatic Regulators  NITRA High Precision Pneumatic … Read More

  • NITRA Compact Extruded Body Cylinders

    NITRA Compact Extruded Body Cylinders

    The NITRA Pneumatics H-Series compact extruded body cylinders are offered in bore sizes from 12mm to 100mm and stroke lengths from 5mm to 100mm to meet a broad range of limited-space applications. The high-quality cylinder bodies and end caps are constructed with hard anodized extruded

  • Pneumatic Circuit Symbols Explained

    Pneumatic Circuit Symbols Explained

    Directional air control valves are the building blocks of pneumatic control. Pneumatic circuit symbols representing these valves provide detailed information about the valve they represent. Symbols show the methods of actuation, the number of positions, the flow paths and the number of ports. Here is a brief breakdown of how to read a symbol.

  • Are Pneumatic Components Compatible?

    Are Pneumatic Components Compatible?

    The industrial pneumatics market is fairly mature. While there continues to be new developments and technologies, many of the tried and true core products have been around for years. One advantage that this can offer to both system designers and end users is often having several brands of pneumatic components that are interchangeable with each … Read More

  • Pneumatic Actuator vs. Electromechanical

    Pneumatic Actuator vs. Electromechanical

    In materials handling and assembly there are many ways to move an item from one location to another. Conveyors are one way and are widely used, but they can only move objects in a fixed path, limiting their use in more precise manufacturing applications. When more accuracy is required than a conveyor can deliver, such … Read More

  • Riada Solves Difficult Packaging Problem

    Riada Solves Difficult Packaging Problem

    When selecting the right shampoo, what factors do you consider? Scent, ingredients, cost? How about packaging? That’s right, packaging. For the follicly-challenged, like myself, packaging may be a real decision maker. After all, luster, sheen and volumizing abilities are kinda lost on me. For most, packaging is an afterthought, if it is a thought at … Read More