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Material Handling. Just like it sounds.

Material handling is a broad industry that can mean many things and include many different technologies. At the most basic level, this can include racks, which simply hold products, or pallet jacks and fork trucks which require human intervention. More complex systems include conveyors, high-speed sorters, pick-to-light systems, palletizers, robotics, case erectors, identification systems, and the list goes on and on.

Some of these technologies just seem to know what they need to do without human intervention. If you are a consumer of these systems, they do the job so well that you might neglect the complexity involved. If you have ever designed or maintained a control system for a material handling application, you know these systems can be very complex.

Many components are involved in material handling systems, including motors, drives, sensors, pneumatics, controls, and safety products. When engineered properly, these components will work together in unison to efficiently move products, cases, or other materials from one location to another. Many things can go wrong or right depending on the system design, the quality of components, and how well the system is maintained.

If you are a seasoned material handling professional, or even if you are just starting in the industry, you know that finding these components can sometimes be challenging. Parts can be hard to locate, have very long lead times, or come at a premium cost. AutomationDirect is here to help with any components you may need to build, maintain, or repair your material handling control system. We have motors, drives, pneumatic components, controllers, safety products, and just about any type of sensor you may be looking for. We sell direct, meaning that we ship directly from our warehouses in Georgia to you quickly. Our award-winning FREE technical support is available if you need help selecting the correct product. Feel free to check out our library, which includes helpful information on our products and application stories from material handling and other industries. We would love the opportunity to serve you on your next material-handling project.

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