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Brainteaser Answers - Issue 22, 2012

In each issue of the Automation Notebook we feature a section of brainteasers. These are the brainteaser answers from Issue 22, 2012 of the Automation Notebook. The brainteaser questions are repeated in black. The answers to the brainteaser questions are highlighted in red with explanations. You can view the brainteasers from Issue 22, 2012 without…
Automation NotebookIssue 22 – 2012Learning ResourcesNotebook IssueThe Break Room

Brainteasers - Issue 22, 2012

1. Alignment Time On a functioning clock, the hour and minute hand are perfectly aligned (superimposed, not opposed) several times each day. Can you determine a formula to calculate those times? How about for the minute hand and a sweep-second hand? How about for all three hands? 2. Real-Time Conversation A man in Florida decided…
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"Starting With Steppers" Part Two of a Two-Part Series

Part One of this series (in Fall 2011, issue 21) started with a complete reference to the technical information available from AutomationDirect that can help you understand and select components from the SureStep family for an open-loop motion application. It also reviewed the hardware methods for controlling your system, including PLC high-speed I/O or counter…
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Greenspeed Chases Green Fuel Speed Record

Greenspeed is a group of seven students at Boise State University who are on a mission to create the world’s fastest vegetable oil-powered vehicle. Where did they come up with such an idea?
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Cellular Remote Access Gives Companies Competitive Edge

Internet and cellular technology make monitoring and control easier than ever. The automation world, with its distant and often isolated sites, has long sought reliable remote access to cut costs and improve reliability. Instead of sending technicians to distant locations, operators can now access critical information and control systems quickly and easily.
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AutomationDirect's SI Direct Program is Now in Canada!

RPM Automation Inc. is a system integration firm located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. As a member integrator of the SI Direct Program, RPM provides an array of design and integration services across industries including manufacturing, oil/gas, water/wastewater, material handling and pulp/paper. Stephen Goodwin founded RPM Automation in 2005, with the goal of delivering technical solutions…
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Product Snapshots - Issue 22, 2012

We have added several exciting products since our last edition of the Automation Notebook. Here are some highlights about some of those new products including: Digital pressure switch/transmitters, Safety glasses, More relays, Modular stacklights, Industrial managed Ethernet switches, ProSense™ pressure gauges and thermometers,Stellar™ basic soft starters.   Digital Pressure Switch/Transmitters ProSense digital pressure switch/ transmitters are…
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New NITRA Pneumatic Tubing and Fittings, Air Couplings, Blow Guns, Cylinder Position Switches

New models of tubing and fittings have been added to the NITRA line of pneumatic components, as well as blow guns and aluminum manifolds. Available in 100-foot and 250-foot lengths, NITRA 16mm polyurethane tubing has a shore A 98 hardness rating, provides tight outside diameter tolerance and has superior kink resistance. The ether-based tubing provides…