Product Pointers

Product Pointers June 2023

Featured Products

CLICK PLUS series controllers 
combine the simplicity of the original CLICK with advanced features such as data logging, Wi-Fi connectability, and MQTT communication
CPUs start at $97

C-more touch panels
provide complete system visibility and utmost cost savings for your interface needs
Touchscreen models start at $340 w/ FREE software

Code barcode scanners
allow a 1-dimensional barcode, 2-dimensional QR code, or other marking to be read, decoded, and converted to a usable format
starting at $144

LS Electric L7P servo systems
are an intermediate-level servo system that has all the features of our basic L7C series servos, but with a larger range of system sizes and the option for 460 VAC operation
Motors start at $273

SSP safety enabling switches
also known as “hold-to-run” or “dead man’s” switches provide the operator with a special control mode for tasks such as maintenance or debugging of hazardous equipment
starting at $219

WAGO Pro2 power supplies
are high-efficiency power supplies that reduce losses, save cabinet space, and increase energy savings
starting at $179

Pneumatic Automation Link (PAL) 
is an electro-pneumatic system that can contain electrical I/O as well as a solenoid valve bank
Solenoid valves start at $33.50

Wenglor rectangular photoelectric sensors
are 50 x 50 x 20mm IO-Link compatible sensors ideal for drop-in replacement of other higher-cost rectangular photoelectric sensors
starting at $76

Molex pendant switches
with quick connectors work in demanding conditions where reliable unmounted ON/OFF actuation is essential, providing flexible equipment control
priced at $54

LUTZE SILFLEX FBP control cable
is specifically designed to meet all UL and FDA requirements for cabling used in Food and Beverage facilities
starting at $1.05/ft

WERMA visual/audible signal devices
with light and sound variations and many mounting formats
starting at $17

Electric Foot switches
in single and double foot operated styles
starting at $44.50

SIM drive couplings
combine shafts of various mechanical devices, often of different sizes, while compensating for shaft misalignment; offered in jaw/spider, Oldham, servo beam, and high-gain styles
starting at $10.50

Integra polycarbonate enclosures
are engineered for durability and impact resistance
starting at $46

Quabbin control and signal cable
available in shielded or unshielded versions, with conductor sizes from 24AWG to 16AWG, and with various conductor counts ranging from 2 to 25 conductors depending on cable size
starting at $0.23/ft

Hole cutting tools
include drill bits, hole saws, machine taps
starting at $4.25

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