Issue 32 – 2015

We have a lot of great material crammed in this issue of NOTEBOOK. In addition to information about new products, our cover story explains the advantages about software simulation for complex systems. We have an awesome User Solution story about a children’s museum in Bulgaria and more all packed in to this issue of the AutomationNotebook.

– TJ Johns Senior Editor

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In This Issue of The Automation Notebook…

  • Simulation Has Its Advantages — Issue 32, 2015

    Simulation Has Its Advantages — Issue 32, 2015

    Creating an accurate software simulation for a complex system can be difficult, but there are many reasons to do it. Creating simulations of automated equipment, processes, and robot sequences is a great way to validate controller programming, test hardware settings, and check HMI configurations—all without cycling the actual equipment.  There can be many advantages to simulation, … Read More

  • New C-more Configuration Software — Issue 32, 2015

    New C-more Configuration Software — Issue 32, 2015

    The new C-more HMI configuration software version 6.0, from AutomationDirect, delivers more functionality, more usability and more value to our popular C-more HMIs. The new software offers more alarm and recipe features, additional math and tag logic, plus improved Windows compatibility. New menu options, customizable toolbars, and updated graphics provide improved ease of use. The … Read More

  • Product Snapshots — Issue 32, 2015

    Product Snapshots — Issue 32, 2015

    Issue 32 of Automation Notebook is filled with new product information. Highlights about some of those new products include: additions to the NITRA® pneumatic products line, new DirectSOFT6® programming software, more sensor products, SureMotion® motion control products, additional electromechanical and solid state relays, and more. NITRA Special Purpose Push-to-Connect Pneumatic Fittings New NITRA special purpose … Read More

  • First Team Honoree

    First Team Honoree

    AutomationWorld’s “Leadership in Automation” program highlights preferred suppliers as identified by their readers across more than two dozen automation technology categories. Now in its fifth year, the program remains relevant as technologies change and supplier preferences shift based upon needs, and/or peer recommendations. Allegiance to a particular brand or resentment toward another brand may last … Read More

  • AutomationDirect Receives Healthiest Employers Award

    AutomationDirect Receives Healthiest Employers Award

    Employee safety is paramount for all companies big or small and they spend big bucks to keep us safe while working. But, how many of those safety conscious employers place those same concerns on the wellness of their employees? And, at the end of the day does it make a difference? You bet it does, … Read More

  • 2015 Engineers’ Choice Awards

    2015 Engineers’ Choice Awards

    The annual Control Engineering Engineers’ Choice Awards program recognizes categories of control, instrumentation, and automation products, revealing the best of those products as selected by their readers. Established in 1954, Control Engineering is recognized as the global information leader for the automation engineers who design, implement, maintain and manage control/instrumentation systems, components and equipment. The … Read More

  • Pick and Place your HMI

    Pick and Place your HMI

    There are many ways to irritate an operator working with automated equipment and a bad human-machine interface (HMI) implementation is right up there with the worst of them. Following these guidelines can help you pick the right HMI for your application, keep you on the good side of your operators and engineers, and also help … Read More

  • Tips for a Better HMI Layout

    Tips for a Better HMI Layout

    Do you have an HMI project coming up? Here are some tips for you to remember during your planning and implementation. The following four design principles are a great start for any design project (and the four letter acronym is nothing if not memorable): Contrast – Make sure that items which are different stand out … Read More

  • Ohio Students Improve Assembly Process for Employees With Disabilities — Issue 32, 2015

    Ohio Students Improve Assembly Process for Employees With Disabilities — Issue 32, 2015

    The annual SourceAmerica® Design Challenge is a national engineering competition to design workplace technology for people with disabilities. For this competition, high school students spend months partnering with a nonprofit that employs people with disabilities to invent a device, process, system or software for a more productive work environment. Kirby Harder, Copley High School’s (CHS) Industrial technology … Read More

  • The Bulgarian Bat Detector — Issue 32, 2015

    The Bulgarian Bat Detector — Issue 32, 2015

    During my years working as an Automation Systems Integrator, I occasionally get projects that are different from the normal industrial, process and manufacturing systems. I was recently asked to develop the controls for a museum exhibit to simulate a bat’s echolocation. The museum, Children’s Center of Sofia, in Sofia, Bulgaria, and I promptly named the … Read More

  • Brainteasers — Issue 32, 2015

    Brainteasers — Issue 32, 2015

    One of the most popular sections of Automation Notebook has always been The Break Room.  In fact, it’s so popular that many of our customers tell us that when they receive the latest issue,  it’s the first thing they read.  This time is no exception.  Go ahead and expose your cranium to some cognitive stimulation, but … Read More

  • Brainteasers Answers — Issue 32, 2015

    Brainteasers Answers — Issue 32, 2015

    Each issue of the Automation Notebook features a section we call, “The Break Room”. We know you successfully answered everything without having to ask your friends for any help (wink, wink). But, just in case you want to make sure we didn’t miss anything, below are the brainteaser answers from Issue 32, 2015 of Automation … Read More